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23 Nov
Water Technology
By WAE Corp on "Water Technology"

Bottle Filling Stations: All you need to know

Bottled water, disguised as an epitome of health benefits and modern lifestyle is slowly seeping tiny plastics into your body. In order to make ourselves ‘Futureproof’, we need to switch to sustainable means of hydration. One of the solutions to this critical situation is Bottle Filling Stations.

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     Bottled maniac-ism! Man’s colossal addiction to packaged drinking water is not only polluting our Earth but also our bodies. This modern plague has led WHO to announce a review into potential risks of plastic in drinking water. Yes, the bottled water, disguised as an epitome of health benefits and modern lifestyle is slowly seeping tiny plastics into your body. Don't believe it? 

      A research at the State University of New York at Fredonia tested 259 individual bottles from 27 different lots across 11 brands, purchased from 19 locations in 9 countries. It was revealed that “93% of bottled water showed some sign of microplastic contamination” (Synthetic Polymer Contamination in Bottled Water, 2017). The so-called recyclable PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) bottles have a significantly longer life cycle. In order to make ourselves ‘Futureproof’, we need to switch to sustainable means of hydration. One of the solutions to this critical situation is Bottle Filling Stations. 

     Bottle Filling Stations are one of the latest technologies resonating the idea of ‘Water for All’. They are designed to provide free water to the public so that they can avoid buying back their own resource commercially packaged as Bottled Water. The purpose of Water Filling Stations is to provide purified and better-tasting water so that this resource remains abundantly accessible and affordable to every human being, just like our Earth entitled it to us. Even in the Constitution of India, Drinking water is recognized as a fundamental human right as per Article 21. Water Filling Stations basically intend to change the public perception of tap water. They support the Sustainable Development Goal 6 which aims to provide universal and equitable access to safe and affordable drinking water by 2030. People can simply refill their reusable water bottles or directly drink from the water fountain attached to it.

     Bottle Filling Stations come with Silver Ion Antimicrobial and anti-bacterial protection. It means that their filter removes the most common contaminants and pollutants found in the tap water. They also eliminate odor and produce clear and tasty water. Their smart energy saving feature and electronic bottle filler sensor give users an improved hydration experience. Certified with green specifications we can call them a green water utility product. Thus, they also attract the eco-conscious group into their market.

     Bottle Filling Stations promise a long life as they are vandal resistant and corrosion free. They feature a touch-free, hygienic interface with built-in filter technology to provide purified and disinfected water. These bottle fillers are aesthetically appealing and can be simply mounted on the wall. Their versatility knows no bounds as they can also be used outdoors as Surface Mount or Standalone water filling stations. This sustainable ‘green’ alternative to the bottled water discourages wasting unnecessary money on single-use bottles and encourages a community drinking habit where free water is equally available to everyone. Schools, colleges, fitness clubs, transport stations, office building, healthcare, and hospitality facility can install Bottle Filling Stations as a one-stop hydration solution.

     Now, let’s talk about the environmental benefits of water filling stations. Using these dispensers will at least slow down the environmental damage as comparatively less plastic bottles would be bought in the market.  Designer aluminum and stainless steel bottles have actually become a trend among celebrities and also a status symbol. These reusable bottles and Bottle Filling Stations can have a synergetic impact pertaining to environmental sustainability. A California startup ‘TAP’ app is creating a worldwide map to become the first global search engine of clean drinking water. It will also track the location of nearby water filling stations.

     It’s time that we changed the way we hydrate and act responsibly towards the environment. Impending ‘Plasticide’ is indeed a grave concern and simple energy saving, plastic-free technologies like Drinking Water Stations are one of the stepping stones towards postponing the environmental disaster. Coca-Cola’s ‘Give Back Life’ PET plastic collection and recycling program or Plastic crushing machines installed at different places might change the ‘face’ of plastic but it won’t eliminate its usage. It will encourage more plastic production and installation of costly recycling machines. On the other hand, inherent compatibility of Water dispensers and reusable bottles is ecologically and environmentally friendly.

     A London Newspaper, Evening Standard highlighted a  report released in April 2018  by Keep Britain Tidy and BRITA that showed 69 percent of UK adults would be more likely to use a reusable water bottle when out and about if there were more public drinking water facilities available. This clearly implies that more water filling stations would attract purchase of reusable bottles including BPA-free plastic bottles and stainless-steel bottles. These dispensers can be installed in various public institutions like schools, hospitals, airports, metro stations, railway stations, gardens, footpaths, bus stations etc. Imagine the cost of plastic waste we would save by relying on publically accessible and convenient Bottle Filling Stations!

     Designing and Manufacturing water utility equipment which also serves the ecological and social purpose is in itself a challenge. Considering their widespread applicability, efficiency and effectiveness to give people a new thirst quenching experience, these water filling stations are gradually gaining popularity. Their universal usage has the potential to reduce the purchase of bottled water among people and consequently do away with the Earth’s image of being a ‘Plastic Planet’ to make it hale and hearty. The unhealthy habit of resorting to flavored and aerated drinks as and when we are thirsty can be changed into a healthier habit of drinking water from the Bottle Filling Stations. Water resource ought to be kept as a public good rather than a dear commodity.

     Nobody on this Earth except human being is capable of slowing down the impending apocalyptic disaster building up due to environmental damage. It’s high time we adopted measures to walk on the path of sustainability instead of becoming the slaughterers of Earth and everybody living on it!



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