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WAE Corp is an emergent environmental services group advancing full range of environmental services in the domain of water, defining and developing its activities based on responsible growth to take up today’s major energy and environmental challenges

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9 billion liters of water saved…

It takes three liters of water to produce one liter of bottled water. WAE Corp’s products reduce up to 70 % of water wastage and reclaim the wasted water for peripheral use.

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Mar 21 2018 | WAE Corp

Green tomorrow starts with Blue:…

Look for answers in the nature! Water is a cycle which never stops indicating that water needs to be approached in a holistic manner rather than in isolated silos. Water management starts with fixing natural ecosystem that affects the quality as well as quantity of water available for all. It is an irony that water comprises of about 75 % of our body but so little of our thinking!
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Mar 20 2018 | WAE Corp

You are sipping plastic from…

The World Health Organization (WHO) has announced a review into the potential risks of plastic in drinking water after a new analysis of some of the world’s most popular bottled water brands found that more than 90% contained tiny pieces of plastic. The Indian Institute of Packaging is instrumental in checking water bottle samples for quality of plastic and related material found in water
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Mar 13 2018 | WAE Corp

Alternatives to plastic water bottle!

PoU water dispenser purifies waters through reverse osmosis and comprises of system that uses advanced hyper-filtration membrane technology. This is especially crucial at places and institutions that need water dispensers for large consumption. In the wake of a recent WHO report that claims that at least 2 billion people drink water contaminated with faces, the use of PoUs is imperative...
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