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5 Oct
Water Technology
By WAE on "Water Technology"

Point of Use Purification Systems

PoU water dispenser purifies waters through reverse osmosis and comprises of system that uses advanced hyper-filtration membrane technology. This is especially crucial at places and institutions that need water dispensers for large consumption. In the wake of a recent WHO report that claims that at least 2 billion people drink water contaminated with faces, the use of PoUs is imperative...

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A *report says that from 2005 – 2010, 73% of the 1.5 million new water dispensers installed worldwide were point-of-use (PoU) water dispensers, not bottled water systems.  What compelled more than a million people to trust the PoU water purification technology?

Well for one, a PoU water dispenser that purifies waters through reverse osmosis is a sophisticated system that uses advanced hyper-filtration membrane technology. This can remove up to 99% of water contamination and produce quality drinking water. This is especially crucial at places and institutions that need water dispensers for large consumption. In the wake of a recent WHO report that claims that at least 2 billion people drink water contaminated with faeces, the use of PoUs should see more spike than now.

People consuming water in offices, parks, airports, malls, schools and colleges need an easy access to a reliable drinking water source. PoU water dispensers easily meet this challenge since these come in convenient built and shapes.

Water Technology

Take a look –

Kinds of PoU water purifiers

  Table-top pitchers  

  Faucet-mounted pitchers  

  Counter-top units  

  Under-the-sink filters  

Unlike bottled water systems, PoU water coolers do not have any exposed reservoirs where bacteria can grow, hence there is no scope for contamination from unhygienic handling. However, it’s important to understand that reverse osmosis purification alone is not the answer to unhygienic water woes. An RO system along with PoU water dispensers are both environment-friendly and hygienic.

Benefits of PoU water systems

Apart from employers and organizations, governments worldwide have begun to implement and enforce safe drinking water dispensers especially in the form of RO PoU systems. A report by MarketsAndMarkets that projected point-of-use water treatment systems market  to reach USD 24.5 Billion by 2020, also stated that government norms are key to succeed in this segment. As a result, PoU technology is always on the path to innovation. The manufacturers are required to adhere to the standards set by government for water treatment systems, which makes these producers continually invest in research and development activities for innovative solutions. According to a 2007 academic study, safe water dispensers in general are more cost-effective than other solutions like solar disinfection, flocculation, and ceramic filters.

Another complex problem that PoU systems solve is the problem of access while maintaining convenience to consumers. The users or consumers get access to clean drinking water from the source itself. This significantly reduces the operations costs of maintaining such system because there’s absolutely no need to transport water from the point of use.

Ever wondered why many airports, banks or military bases prefer PoU water systems? That’s because a major living source – water – is made accessible conveniently which results into eliminating the chances of disruptive visits for water. These institutions can cut at significant operational costs related to security and maintenance.

More organizations around the world are realizing the importance of keeping PoU system as part of employee productivity. Properly hydrated workers are more productive and healthier. As per Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations, providing safe drinking water is one of the important criteria at workplace that employers must adhere to. A report by The Daily MBA states that - 

  • To maintain peak levels of productivity, the body needs to be fully hydrated.
  • Just a 1% drop in hydration could lead to a 12% drop in productivity.
  • A 3% to 4% drop in hydration could lead to a drop-in productivity of between 25% and 50%.

Contaminants present in drinking water cause a range of health problems as shown below–

Health problems caused by contaminated water.

Cholera, Dysentery, Diarrhea, Polio, Amoebiasis and Infections: these diseases are caused by microorganisms or chemical toxins present in impure water and spread easily. Therefore, it becomes imperative for employers to install PoU water dispensers especially if they have a large staff to manage. These purified water stations can be installed at common rooms, cafeterias and conference rooms so employees develop a culture of consuming safe drinking water. Access to clean water keeps employees healthier that in turn leads to higher productivity and  also reduces absenteeism.

Point-of-use water purifiers are under-rated, to say the least. It’s time they become mainstream.

*Independent research by Zenith International, specialist consultants to the food and beverage industries.



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