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Say no to bottled water

Bottled Water May Hamper your…

WAE22 Mar 2021Say no to bottled water

Mom’s-to-be, if you think you are mindful of your diet and water intake ….you will be shocked … read on…

Say no to bottled water


WAE Corp04 Oct 2019Say no to bottled water

Amidst all the efforts to curb India’s plastic waste, the definition of single-use plastic still remains ambiguous for everyone. While measures to reduce plastic bag usage are being implicated all over India, the major eco-villain PET bottles are still being…

Say no to bottled water

The Recycling Myth

WAE Corp20 Sep 2019Say no to bottled water

This week, a full-page advertisement by Pet Packaging Association for Clean Environment [PACE] in all major dallies, intimidated not only…

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