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17 Dec
Water Scarcity
By WAE on "Water Scarcity"

The Water Warriors- Real-life Superheroes

There are very few people in this world, who are not just activists, but creationists; who, instead of just complaining or blaming the system, decide to take the matter into their own hands and make a change for a better future. Read to know more.

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While the entire nation is worrying and debating about the imminent water crises, here are 5 inspiring people who’ve dedicated their lives to this invaluable yet threatened resource- #WATER.

In a time when most people, are busy complaining and blaming the system, they are going out of their way to fight the crises and find a permanent solution to it through proper conservation and management! These water heroes are making a difference in their community and are inspiring others to do so as well!

Aabid Surti

A man of great conviction and strength, Aabid Surti has been fixing leaks by going door to door every Sunday morning to conserve water for the past 13 years! With a plumber and a volunteer, he is running an NGO named the Drop Dead Foundation single-handedly!

“If in one second, a drop of water is wasted, in a month, 1000 litres of water goes to the drain, I could not digest that water, which is a luxury for millions of people, going to the drain for no reason. I decided to put a full stop on water wastage.”- Mr Surti

While the majority of people let Mr Surti and his team enter their premises and do their job, others simply shut the door, saying they don’t need any help. With vehemence to save every single drop, Mr Surti has saved 20 million litres of water in 12 years! #watersuperhero

Amla Ruia

Amla Ruia, the water mother of India, has transformed many lives in over 100 villages by using water harvesting techniques and building check dams. Now the villagers have become so self-sufficient in water, that they’re growing crops, not once but thrice a year!

With the zeal towards creating a permanent solution through conserving water in drought-prone areas of Rajasthan, Mrs Ruia founded Aakar Charitable Trust to translate these thoughts into action.

The NGO’s first project in Mandawar village showed a great success! The farmers managed to earn as much as Rs. 12 crores within a year with the help of two check dams constructed by the Trust. And after that, there was no looking back.

Today, Aakar Charitable Trust has constructed 200 check dams in around 100 villages of Rajasthan and impacted over 2 lakh people who earn a combined income of Rs. 300 crore per year! #watersuperhero

Ayyappa Masagi

2.5 Lakh bore wells recharged.

14 check dams constructed.

35,000 hectares of dryland converted to a wetland.

800 ponds and water bodies created.

Assisted many residential apartments in becoming self-sufficient in water.

Helped 189 companies in and around Bangalore in solving the water problem.

A man of great conviction and strength, Ayyappa Masagi has truly earned for himself the epithets of Water Warrior, Water Doctor, Water Gandhi, among others. Mr Masagi is the founder of Bengaluru-based, Water Literacy Foundation, which is working towards making India water-efficient! Through thousands of successful water conservation projects, Mr Masagi has harvested over 70 billion litres of rainwater across #India.

For the #change that he brought about, and for the efforts he continues to make with his missionary zeal, @LimcaBookofRecords has recognised Mr Masagi for constructing more than 700 artificial lakes! #watersuperhero

Dr Rajendra Singh

Widely renowned as the waterman of India, Dr Rajendra Singh is a respected water conservationist and environmentalist with a burning passion for conserving and managing this dwindling resource. Dr Singh has been awarded the Stockholm Water Prize for his life’s work of “building social capacity to solve local water problems through participatory action.”

In 1975, he founded @TarunBharatSangh (TBS), an NGO aiming to provide fresh, clean water to local inhabitants. Today, after 25 years of resilient efforts and dedication, Dr Singh, along with his team, has constructed around 8,600 johads (traditional earthen dams), and other similar structures for collecting water. His years of unfaltering commitment has brought water access to over 1,000 villages across the state! He has even revived five rivers in Rajasthan, Arvari, Ruparel, Sarsa, Bhagani and Jahaj Wali.

Dr Singh has also been awarded the Ramon Magsaysay Award for Community Leadership in 2001, and in 2008, @TheGuardian named him one of “50 people who could save the Plant.” #WatermanofIndia

Shirish Apte

Shirish Apte is the superintendent Engineer at the Maharashtra Water Resources Department and is responsible for rejuvenating neglected mazulgari tanks in Bhandara. Mazulgari tanks were ponds that were the primary source of water supply for the villagers three centuries ago. All of this changed in the 1950s when the “zamindar” system was abolished. The state government took charge of the system and went on to take all these tanks under their regulation.

Shirish Apte took monetary help from the government and began the restoration of tanks in 2008. This resulted in “recharged groundwater levels and increased agricultural output and fish production in the area,” and also nudged the district administration to restore a further 21 tanks in the area.

Shirish has successfully initiated and encouraged the restoration of numerous traditional water tanks throughout Bhandara, making him a true water hero!


With their resilient efforts and unflagging commitment, these water heroes have brought a significant change in a time, when the whole nation is struggling with water shortage. They have proved that even a single person can make a huge difference through water conservation. All it takes is a shift in mindset!




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