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Who We Are

WAE Corp is an ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and OHSAS 18001:2007 certified, leading OEM providing products, services and innovative solutions in the domain of Water & Waste Water Management. Our manufacturing units can call upon the extensive expertise and superior technology of the Hyundai Wacortec Co, Ltd, Korea-our technology partner, JNP Taiwan and HAWS Corporation, USA benefiting from an integrated approach and a shared commitment to the sustainable development of our living environment.

Being an established player in water management, we are fast emerging as a key player providing full spectrum of environmental services and are all set to play a global leadership role in solving complex environmental challenges for clients all over the world by developing and providing sustainable solutions and converting the challenges into a competitive advantage.

Leading the way...

CEO'S Message

It gives us great pleasure to welcome you to WAE Corp.

We have a challenging and inspiring mission: to be the leading global environmental solutions company with core objective to make a lasting contribution to the quality of life. Our focus lends us the opportunity to develop innovative products and services that benefit people worldwide. But being an innovator brings responsibility and that makes us sensitive and responsible about the impact that we have on people and places touched by our mission around the world.

As a company with a firm foundation in science, we have a flair for research and an excellent track record of turning that research into useful and eco-safe technologies and products. For all stakeholders, this not only means offering customers the most efficient technology and solutions, but also accepting our code of ethics and making a firm commitment towards the environment and ensuring sustainable development.

The journey so far has been rewarding for all at WAE Corp. But in times to come, the real transformation will be guided by our capabilities, commitment to stay on the course of a challenging strategic path and willingness to go the distance in our quest for generating enduring value for all. In the unfolding era of new opportunities and new challenges, we seek everyone’s support, as always.

- Anupam V Joshi


WAE Corp mission is to be the most respected and admired global company in the domain of water and wastewater management.


We strive to make a lasting contribution by providing products and solutions to protect the environment and to improve the quality of human life, without compromising the ability of future generations to improve theirs.

Our Clientele

Materials and Technologies

Integrated water and wastewater management

We manufacture most cost-effective solutions for instant pure water treatment – and provide a viable Green alternative to expensive Bottled Water to Corporate, Industries, Institutions etc., based on advanced purification technologies which includes 3rd generation extra low energy -Reverse Osmosis process along with advance supporting filtration and point of use sanitization processes.

WAE Corp has exceptional expertise in providing turnkey solutions from design, construction and system integration in the domain of waste water recycling. We have been providing design assistance for water, wastewater and water distribution network to many leading Architectural groups and shall be pleased to be of any assistance to you in this regard.

Our Story So Far

Why WAE Corp

While there are many companies in the global market today, WAE Corp is an industry leader in Water and Wastewater Solutions. Our core competency lies in taking up the projects from concept through end of life, which sets us apart from other equipment suppliers. Furthermore, our technology portfolio enables us to provide the best solution for each unique application.

Our network of certified contractors and technical sales representatives complements our staff of over a hundred professionals dedicated to servicing the market. Best Value & Lowest Total Installed Cost, WAE Corp understands how to effectively work with delivery teams to control costs and bring projects in on time without sacrificing value. Across a range of flows and operating conditions, MBR systems cost significantly less to build, despite the high performance and premium components.

WAE Corp philosophy of robust, efficient system design, enables to cut down the labor cost by 50 % to run than alternative options. We understand that the key to reliable operations are generally a healthy biological process, good hydraulics, reliable ancillary components/subsystems and sound automation. WAE Corp has a large portfolio of heritage brands to draw from in addition to strategic agreements with a range of equipment vendors to bring the very best to each project. Every component is sized to exactly meet the needs of a project and is controlled by a supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system.


Efficiency, innovation and improvement: They are ingrained in our DNA. Every day, each one of our employees, strives to achieve perfection in what we do. Our continuous effort to bring quality in our products, services and delivery enable us to inch closer to the excellence. Being a company driven by technology and values, we place emphasis on balancing abstract and perceptible ideas.
Our products have enabled numerous of clients to bring down their carbon footprints along with making better economic sense.


WAE Corp is a certified ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 company, the universally accepted standard in quality management systems. These certificates highlight our commitment and ability to satisfy quality requirements and enhance customer satisfaction. Our commitment to Quality with clearly defined objectives modeled after best practices underpin WA Corp’s enviable reputation as a successful corporation across multiple domains and locations

Corporate Values


WE believe, “who we hire today, becomes our culture tomorrow”. Our people are an integral aspect of who we are and this credence enables us to empower them to deliver the best. WAE Corp fosters creativity, quality and participative management. Our leaders practice transformational leadership and mentor team members to bring out the best in them. We live by the maxim that “At WAE Corp, you will be doing your career’s best work”. To achieve this, we let our employees come of out of the shackles of trite processes and make things happen instead of confining to the rote.

Core Beliefs

WAE Corp is a research driven Technology Company and not a market driven enterprise.

We are dedicated to the quality in everything in we deal in: Products, Services, Relationships, Communications and Promises. We believe that we should be for all who are involved a place of realized potential. We are responsible to our customers, to our employees and to societies we serve …our interaction with all segments of society –customers, suppliers, government and the public must reflect the high standards we possess.

Since our future as a company rest squarely on the knowledge, imagination, skills, teamwork and integrity of our employees, we value these qualities most highly. We are deeply committed to practicing and participative management including productivity and profit sharing. Profit like breathing is indispensable. While it’s not the sole goal of our live, in the context of our opportunities, profit must be a result of our contribution.

Code of Conduct

Committing to the highest ethical and moral Standards, WAE Corp adheres to a progressive and systematic code of ethics & conduct and gives them living substance each day when dealing with its customers, its partners and personnel’s. These include:

• High corporate governance standards with, among others, the objective to optimize shareholder value through capital growth and return on investment. Guarantee everyone, irrespective of sex, race, nationality, religion or culture, equal opportunities for recruitment, work and personal and professional development and promotion.
• Promote employees’ (including physically challenged people) personal development efforts and attempts to provide them with the necessary annual professional training programs to enable them to carry out their functions and develop further.
• To respond to our customers’ expectations by being attentive and available by constantly seeking to improve service quality and by carefully balancing their needs with our constraints in calculating our remuneration.
• Incorporate environmental and social concern in supplier selection criteria.
• Condemn corruption in all forms. How we work really does matter- to our co-workers, customers and communities.

Our Alliances

WA Corp adopts a very clear, integral and multidisciplinary approach, with a keen eye for processes, offer innovative and high-quality services and technologies. Our cost-effective solutions are realized by an outstanding and committed group of international experts. We offer multidisciplinary services, regardless of the scope or complexity. We strongly believe in local delivery of world class solutions, in close cooperation with our clients and partners. Treating water with respect - WAE Corp stands for quality and sustainability in water management.

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Corporate Social Responsibility


Safe water is the foundation of thriving communities. WAE Corp focuses on the best and most advanced ways to clean, move, control and conserve water. Our success is based on Principles of sustainable development, which means we serve public and private clients of every size with a strong focus on life-cycle economy, efficiency and reliability.
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In a world that is searching for solutions which service mankind and the environment, WAE Corp has a clear vision and the right answers. To achieve a sustainable use of water resources, our consultants combine expertise in groundwater modeling, geo -hydrology, aquifer recharge, water treatment, distribution and waste water recycling.
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Occupational health and safety

Protecting the environment, and the health and safety of our employees, customers and the communities in which we live and work are among WA Corp's highest priorities.
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Say no to bottled water

Water is a public resource, not a commodity. WAE Corp ensures the sustainability of safe water supplies for the benefit people and environment by eliminating use of plastic bottles resulting in reduced impact on health and environment.
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