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Water availability

Safe water is the foundation of thriving communities. WAE Corp focuses on the best and most advanced ways to clean, move, control and conserve water. This work fosters health and wellness and fulfills one of life's most basic needs for millions of people. WAE Corp focuses and specializes in water and delivers single source solutions to provide communities, business, industries with potable water. Our success is based on Principles of sustainable development, which means we serve public and private clients of every size with a strong focus on life-cycle economy, efficiency and reliability.


Education: The new localism

Investing in community education is one of WAE Corp's goals. We believe that education is the foundation for empowering people and enabling a positive transformation in their communities.

Our “Education for All” program is based on a holistic approach encompassing teacher training, improving access to educational materials, and changing behaviors through the celebration of reading. This program is positively impacting teachers and children in Uttarakhand, India.

WAE Corp is also instrumental in transforming lives of people by making school supplies and books accessible to help poor or marginalized children attend school in rural and semi-rural areas of North India. We also provide suitable job opportunities to those who lack exposure or reach to urban areas. These programs are part of our commitment to making a meaningful and lasting impact in the communities.


1% for the water

Since its inception, WAE Corp has contributed a certain proportion of its profits to counter water scarcity and water quality on the planet. WAE Corp, by the very nature of its activity and the position it adopts, is at the heart of these issues and is contributing to providing solutions. Respect for humanity and the environment forms the soul of the enterprise. It is a story that endures so that everyone can enjoy a planet that will allow them to live "according to their needs and aspirations”.

“A city of green buildings does not make a sustainable city - we need to address wider issues such as water, waste, transport and energy supply and their interface with buildings, whilst at the same time reducing our impact on the environment.”

The challenges that we must manage together at the start of the 21st century, are enormous. A policy oriented towards sustainable development creates value in the long term. Social and environmental policies contribute directly to the quality of the Group's services and to its professional and operational performance in all areas it operates.


Sustainability is core to our existence

Water, it is said, is the new oil: a resource long squandered; now growing expensive and soon to be depleted by insatiable demand. Aquifers are falling, glaciers vanishing, reservoirs drying up and rivers no longer flowing into the sea. Climate change threatens to make the problems worse. Wars are about to break out between countries squabbling over dams and rivers.

A Smiling Earth…That’s WAE Corp’s tribute to nature

Our products empower you to…

  • Reduce Carbon Footprint
  • Decrease Contribution to Landfills –Plastic Bottles/Jars
  • Reduce Energy Consumption
  • Achieve cost savings up to 60%
  • Select a water source conforming to ISO 14543 :2004 [standards for potable water]


Protecting the environment, and the health and safety of our employees, customers and the communities in which we live and work are among WAE Corp's highest priorities.

WA Corp prides itself on a stringent adherence to, and application of, its health and safety policies to ensure a workplace with a safety culture displaying compliance, leadership, with incident & injury free as core values.

Our clients, employees and partners share a common credence about WAE Corp: safety is paramount. Health and safety are more than policies - they are the foundation of how we work in the field, at our sites, and in our offices.

In addition to benefiting our employees through reduced injuries and lost work, our commitment to safety is a leading indicator for our clients of strong performance throughout the project life cycle.


Best Practices

Our goal is zero workplace accidents. We not only incorporate "best practices" into our safety culture, we create them. We rely on experience, continuous training, and adherence to strict standards to ensure the safety of our employees, our partners, and our surrounding communities.

Each one of our employees shares an obligation to prevent accidents and is expected to conduct business in a way that actively integrates the elements of the WA Corp Health, Safety and Environment Program into applicable aspects of our operations.

WA Corp has established a Health, Safety, Environment (HS & E) Management System that must be understood, shared and practiced by every employee and associate. This system plays a vital role in identifying and successfully managing HS&E issues, including processes for measuring, reviewing and improving our performance.

Water is a public resource, not a commodity. Public policy must ensure the sustainability of safe water supplies for the benefit of people and environment. It takes 3 liters of water to produce 1 liter of bottled water along with release of thousands of tons of harmful emissions in delivery and from origin to destination.


How WAE Corp helps…
Replacing bottled water with Point of Use water purification systems