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WAE Rewards & Benefits
We are a company that focuses on employee development, career opportunities and a respectful and safe workplace. WAE's Total Reward Philosophy aims to provide employees with a competitive rewards package comprised of compensation, benefits and a work experience that enables us to attract and retain the best talent where we operate. Our cash compensation philosophy is based on a pay-for-performance approach, not time of service, while benefits play an important role on our package, as it is focused on providing a support for the employee and their families.
At WAE, we have seen that education prepares people to respond to challenges, refresh concepts and paradigms and helps blaze trails towards a brighter future. Our educational and development support programs offer extensive opportunities by sponsoring deserving talented individuals for higher studies, programs and specialized trainings by industry experts focused on innovation, research and technical skills.
Career and Succession

WAE recognizes and prioritizes the career development of our internal talent. Aligned with the growing and changing demands of our Businesses, our Career and Succession process occurs in annual cycles, where WAE identifies talent and potential successors for strategic positions within the company. Through the assessment of competences and performance, and including individual career aspirations, WAE seeks to guarantee that they have the right person in the right position.

Remuneration and Benefits

WAE maintains a remuneration Policy, based on technical criteria that aim to keep our employees’ remuneration attractive and competitive. To this end, we periodically conduct comparative surveys to analyze the remuneration we offer in contrast to market practices, across all regions where we operate.

Remuneration corresponds to the complexity of a given role and the individual employee’s performance. In addition to their wages, employees of WAE’s units receive variable remuneration, linked to the performance of the company, their department, and their individual performance. WAE also offers its employees a competitive benefits package, according to the different market contexts in which the company operates.

Health and Safety

Protecting the environment, and the health and safety of our employees, customers and the communities in which we live and work are among WAE's highest priorities. WAE prides itself on a stringent adherence to, and application of, its health and safety policies to ensure a workplace with a safety culture displaying compliance, leadership, with incident & injury free as core values.

Health and safety are more than just policies - they are the foundation of how we work in the field, at our sites, and in our offices. In addition to benefiting our employees through reduced injuries and lost work, our commitment to safety is a leading indicator for our clients of strong performance throughout the project life cycle.

Our goal is zero workplace incidents. We not only incorporate "best practices" into our safety culture, we create them. We rely on experience, continuous training, and adherence to strict standards to ensure the safety of our employees, our partners, and our surrounding communities.

Each one of our employees shares an obligation to prevent accidents and is expected to conduct business in a way that actively integrates the elements of the WAE Health, Safety and Environment Program into applicable aspects of our operations.

WAE has established a Health, Safety, Environment (H S & E) Management System that must be understood, shared and practiced by every employee and associate. This system plays a vital role in identifying and successfully managing H S & E issues, including processes for measuring, reviewing and improving our performance.

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