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We want WAE to reflect the world around us...
Diversity is a human experience which is much more than just a representation of a certain gender, race or ethnicity. Diverse teams make innovation possible. At WAE, we strive to incorporate diverse cultures, backgrounds and sensibilities that form an all-inclusive approach to everything we do. Varied mix of voices leads to better discussions, decisions and outcomes for everyone.
Our female representation is steadily increasing, and we’re proud of the progress we’re making. Currently, half of our leaders are remarkable females who bring in compassion and clarity to our culture.

WAE is committed to promoting equal opportunities and inclusion in the workplace not only as an employer and as a provider of services, but also to our suppliers. We understand that diversity and inclusion at work is about recognizing and appreciating that every individual is different. We ensure that everyone is valued and respected and that their selection for recruitment, training or promotion is always based on professional merit. Our employees and our candidates are assessed objectively: only their skills, qualifications and experience are considered in the recruitment process.

At WAE, it is essential for the success of our business globally that we appreciate and add value to the markets we recruit into on behalf of our clients. We’re determined to lead the way within the recruitment industry in diversity and inclusion and work closely with our clients to ensure we source and recruit from a truly diverse talent pool. This enables us to support their diversity strategies and provide them with the best possible candidates for the roles they are seeking to fill.

In our own work environment, we are continually developing our understanding of, and approach to, sustaining an inclusive working environment. We are committed to promote inclusion and ensure that the people we employ feel valued. Our current monitoring data shows that WAE consistently attracts an equal gender split and that it places an equal number of male and female candidates.

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