Our Story so Far


  1. 2008

    WAE Corp Incorporated as a technology JV with Hyundai Wacortec Co. Ltd. Korea

  2. 2009

    WAE Point of Use Water Stations Launched

  3. 2010

    WAE Drinking Water Fountain range launched

  4. WAE Drinking Water Fountains installed at Indira Gandhi International Airport & Airport Metro

  5. Projects Business Unit started in the domain of Water & Wastewater management

  6. 2011

    MBR 3MLD Sewage Treatment Plant installed at Noosa, Australia

  7. Completed installation of over ten Sewage Treatment Plants in India

  8. 2012

    First ETP of 500 KLD installed at Seemag Steel Plant, Orissa

  9. Installed 1 MLD Biological & MBR Hybrid Sewage Treatment Plant at Gangotri, Uttrakhand

  10. 2013

    Signed master license agreement with HAWS Corporation, USA for hydration products

  11. 2015

    Research and Developement team incubated

  12. Atmospheric Water Generator with 1000 liter capacity launched

  13. 2018

    Completed a successful and innovative decade of Integrated Water Resource Management