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With our different partners , global leaders and institutes we work together in all phases of the value chain – from research to development and production to marketing. This way we strive to provide technologies and products which directly contribute to the Clean Development Mechanism [CDM] as envisaged in the Kyoto Protocol.

Hyundai Wacortec Co Ltd

Our Principal association with Hyundai Wacortec Co.Ltd. Korea -a company dedicated to develop the finest water purification devises goes way back to 2007. We have been benefited with an enormous knowledge and technology they mastered over the years and their expertise which is available to us in our key research and product development. The product line and components manufactured in their state of the art facilities have played a major role in making us the market leader and an innovator

Hyundai Wacortec is the world leader and specialist in manufacturing water purifiers, dispensers, air purifiers, and various other well-being products. The company is committed to deliver the highest quality products in the domain of pure, fresh, clean water and air.

The superior product with wide selections exported to the world with a HYUNDAI brand, which is the symbol of Korea's giant enterprise, enables it to build the network of excusive master dealers and to satisfy customers with its swift service for their needs.

With the durable design of their products at a reasonable price, the company is dedicated to giving its customers a better life and other benefits.

Hyundai lives by the motto: Accuracy, Technical Innovation, Superiority in quality and perfect service, which represents that the company does its best to give pure, fresh, clean water and air to keep the customers healthy with their wide range of products.

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Haws Corporation

For over 103 years, Haws Corporation has been committed to bringing the highest quality water delivery and emergency equipment products to a wide variety of markets. Haws manufactures award-winning drinking fountains, electric water coolers, hydration stations and emergency equipment for a diverse set of industries. Focus areas include educational centers recreational parks, industrial complexes, commercial properties as well as petrochemical production facilities. Haws is represented in India by WAE for Water purification and dispensing devises. This partnership ensures that WAE can meet subcontinent demands with the broadest range of quality products.

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Sourcing association for plumbing products John Guest, now a RWC brand

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Exclusive Vertical manufacturing association for UF and RO membranes

WAE | Partners


Exclusive souring association for Filters, Softeners and Anti bacterial tubing and components

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