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“Explore this next great frontier where the boundaries between work and higher purpose are merging into one, where doing good really is good for business” – Richard Branson

Our Approach and commitment

We strive to ensure that our participation in the social and environmental responsibility is open, transparent, and based on reasons that are clear and justifiable to our shareholders and the public. WAE participates in the Corporate social responsibility process in a variety of ways.

•    Sustainable engagement: We join corporate and institutions for providing eco-friendly hydration solutions to reduce the carbon footprints by replacing bottled water.
•    Social engagement: Our commitment towards uplifting the communities and public goes beyond our offerings. We are fully engaged to improve literacy and standard of life for the less-privileged.

•    Transparency: We're transparent about our impact on the environment by the virtue of our eco-friendly products and use it to allow users to make informed decisions.

•    Collegial actions: We advance our corporate responsibility through continual dialogue with the influencers in the sustainable development and planners of a green economy.

Hydration at IIT Roorkee Campus

Safe water is the foundation of thriving communities. WAE Corp focuses on the best and most advanced ways to clean, move, control and conserve water. This work fosters health and wellness and fulfils one of life's most basic needs for millions of people. WAE Corp focuses and specializes in water and delivers single source solutions to provide communities, business, Industries with potable water. Our success is based on Principles of sustainable development, which means we serve public and private clients of every size with a strong focus on life-cycle economy, efficiency and reliability.    

This year, we took a step ahead to advance our commitment towards environment and social responsibility. WAE is proud to be recognized as an engaged leader and partner in responsible hydration of IIT-Roorkee, India. WAE drinking water fountains were installed across the campus enabling a student population of more than 1000 individuals to get uninterrupted pure water supply. The project not only enabled us to make a positive impact on the students but also reduced carbon footprints by eliminating the plastic water bottles.

WAE will be strengthening this effort to transform entire IIT-Roorkee campus into India’s first plastic-free hydration institute which will be an inspiration to academic institutions across the country. We applaud IIT-Roorkee’s management who took this green initiative which also ensured safe potable water for the students. We also look forward to many such engagements with the institution for collaborative approach in realizing our vision towards attaining Green & sustainable technologies.


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