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Technologies transforming Drinking Water Sourcing

The world is facing extreme weather events every year with increased water crisis. A change driven largely by increased carbon dioxide and other emissions into the atmosphere. Bottled Water industry is a major contributor to the climate change and water crisis.

When bottled water companies identify a place to set up a bottling plant, they pump millions of gallons of water from ground water leaves the water table depleted as water table is connected across the landmass. Also, it takes 8 liters of water to produce 1 liter of bottled water.

Manufacturing PET produces tons of carbon dioxide, huge amount of petroleum oil and massive contribution to landfills. WHO launched a health review as most plastic water brands were found to be contaminated with micro-plastics. Bottled water is stored in a packaging material called PET. PET leaches endocrine disruptors into the water when stored for more than 10 weeks which are potential carcinogens.

Also, Bottled water sourcing is inefficient. Vendor Tracking, Delivery Lags and Stocking of bottled water is not only time consuming but takes up the valuable office space. Apart from this, Corporates spend over 200 per cent more in utility costs, space and administrative costs for bottled water supply than the alternatives to bottled water.

WAE Drinking Water Stations, Bottle Filling Stations and Drinking Water Fountains enable corporates to say no to bottled water. With 4 stage purification system and UV guard WAE products guarantee 99.99 % pure water with consistent quality as well as consistent supply. They help increase the annual profits by saving up to 70 %. Earn depreciation and bring down the utility costs. Drinking water stations also reduce Carbon Footprints up to 65 % by cutting down CO2 emissions.

WAE Product Focus: Alternatives to Plastic Water Bottles

Drinking Water Stations, Bottle Filling Stations and Drinking Water Fountains

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