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Ethics & Compliances

At WAE , we are committed to ensure that our company operates in an ethical, sustainable and responsible manner worldwide. As a global company, our responsibility goes beyond fulfilling regulatory and legal requirements, especially in the fields of business integrity and human rights.

Business Integrity

At WAE , we encourage our employees to conduct business ethically by adopting a zero-tolerance policy towards corruption and other unethical practices. To promote and develop integrity in business activities, various anti-corruption initiatives have been created and enforced , both in terms of prevention and control.

Anti-Harassment Policy

At WAE , we believe that all employees are entitled to respectful treatment at the workplace and to be free from the demoralizing effects of harassment or unwelcome offensive or improper conduct. Our Anti-harassment policy defines WAE’s position on harassment and demonstrates our commitment to zero-tolerance on harassment including sexual harassment.

Supply Chain

Highest level of ethics, social equity and environmental protection are at the core of WAE’s Purchasing principles. Every supplier is committed to put in place, maintain and comply with adequate procedures to support the requirements of our Supplier Code of Conduct. This implies that a strong management system is implemented, applied and maintained to ensure compliance with this code, mitigate the risk of deviation and guarantee continuous improvement.

Human Rights

In 2011, the United Nations issued the Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, that precisely defined the roles and responsibilities of States and businesses on that matter. As a responsible business WAE intends to follow and promote these principles. Sustainability is at the heart of our company’s strategy, and we are convinced that clean water access is a basic human right.
With our Human Rights policy, we confirm our engagement to strive for the respect of all internationally recognized Human Rights, along our value chain.

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