This Solar Water Generator is a mobile system that operates quietly, have very low energy consumption without on-going fuel costs and have minimal maintenance requirements. The certified filtration system ensures that the clean water produced meets WHO quality standards.Installation and start-up procedure takes only about half an hour. It is equipped with 2 automatic back-flushing prefilters for larger particles and a self-cleaning Reverse Osmosis system. All filters initiate automatic backflushing cycles - no replacement of filters is required producing water 99.99% free of viruses.

Trailer Dimensions(LxWxH)

3800 x 2100 x 2500 mm

Dimensions unit (LxWxH)

1770 x 1560 x 1510 mm

Weight Trailer incl. unit

TSS: 2,950 kg, TBS: 3,050 kg

Weight unit

TSS:1,200 kg, TBS: 1,200 kg

Filtration Technology

Reverse Osmosis (RO)

Raw Water Source

seawater/ brackish water

Quality of produced water

potable water


TSS: max. 250 l/h, TBS: max. 650 l/h

Power Supply

Solar panels, 1240 Wp

Power consumption unit

TSS: 650 Wh, TBS: 650 W

Power connection

Solar, 24 VDC



Feed pump pressure

6 bar

Tube package

20 meter

Min./max. water temperature

0/45 degree C

Min./max. air temperature

0/50 degree C


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