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WAE Limited - Most Sustainable Water Management Company - 2021

WAE Presentation Focus

Imbibing a ‘plastic-free’ hydration habit in the organizational culture is simple. Encourage the employees to bring small, compact, reusable bottles to work that could be refilled multiple times from a water-refill station. The managers could begin with gifting re-usable bottles to the employees which could be kept at the workplace itself. The workers could then permanently strikethrough the task of carrying water bottle every day from their to-do list. The long-term cost of reusable bottles to the organization along with the water-refill stations would still be lesser than the cumulative recurring expenses on the plastic cans.

Water refill stations fit perfectly well in the environmental sustainability domain of business. When integrated with 5-stage purification system they dispense contaminant –free pure water. They are aesthetically appealing and can be mounted on the office walls giving them a sophisticated look. Designer aluminum and stainless-steel bottles match with the suave workplace ambience.

Product Focus: Drinking Water Stations  

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