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Our purpose, quite simply, is to make a meaningful and lasting contribution by developing products and solutions to protect the environment and to improve the quality of human life without compromising the ability of future generations to improve theirs .

However, being the leading company does not necessarily mean being the biggest but being the best in terms of green technologies, consumer value, customer service, employee talent, as well as consistent and predictable growth. We aim to reconcile the necessities of social progress, professional fulfillment for our employees, total quality in customer service and economic rise in the course of realizing our mission.

WAE Identity & Ambition


WAE adheres to a progressive and systematic set of values and beliefs and gives them living substance each day in all its dealings.

• We value above all our ability to serve the environment and the humankind.

• We are a research driven technology company and not a market driven enterprise.

• We are responsible to our employees, to our customers ,to our associates and to societies we serve …our interaction with all segments must reflect the high standards we possess.

• We firmly believe that are future rest squarely on the knowledge, attitude, skills, teamwork and integrity of our employees, we value these qualities most highly.

• We are deeply committed to practicing and participative management including productivity and profit sharing.

• We are dedicated to quality: quality of products, quality of services, quality of relationships, quality of our communications and quality of our promises.

• Profit to us is a strategic necessity rather than a supreme end point. In the context of our opportunities, profit must be a result of our contribution.

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WAE Identity & Ambition
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