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Incorporated in 2008 as a water purification product company, WAE has metamorphosed into an environmental services organization that places Drinking Water Availability to the center of its existence. WAE positions itself to resolve one of the gravest challenges of mankind: Water

With over ten strategic business units and over hundred products, WAE is prepared to provide integrated solutions for all water management and water treatment requirements. We empower our customers to align their Green Initiatives with monetary savings by replacing plastic bottled water by Drinking Water Stations.

WAE keeps sustainability to the core of existence and strives to achieve a bottle-less world in years to come.

WAE Identity & Ambition
WAE Identity & Ambition


WAE strives to be the leading global environmental solutions company with core objective to make a lasting contribution to the quality of life. We are a research driven Technology Company and not a market driven enterprise. We are responsible to our customers, to our employees and to societies we serve …our interaction with all segments of society –customers, suppliers, government and the general public must reflect the high standards we possess.


We are dedicated to quality: quality of products, quality of services, quality of relationships, quality of our communications and quality of our promises. We believe that we should be for all who are involved a place of realized potential. Since our future as a company rest squarely on the knowledge, imagination, skills, teamwork and integrity of our employees, we value these qualities most highly. As a company with a firm foundation in science, we have a flair for research and an excellent track record of turning that research into useful and eco-safe technologies and products.

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WAE Identity & Ambition